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About us

GladAge is an ecosystem for elderly people with the best options for personalised care and fully vetted care homes to choose from. GladAge tech platform provides elders with the option to choose the care they require dependent on their needs, be able to shop for equipment or services they require to stay independent in either a leased or owned building of GladAge property.

Utility tools on this platform makes managing these care homes much easier than the conventional methods. We are here to build the best senior care ecosystems that fit's the purpose in decentralized ways which helps scaling the solution faster as per market needs.

Why do we speculate on the growth?

Every care home built by GladAge creates real demand for the coin as they are required by the elderlies in that locality.

Because each home will accommodate new people that need to have GAC in order to stay and pay for services they receive, the demand and value of the coins will increase.



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Expected Growth in 3 years*
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* All illustrations and examples are based on good faith estimates by GladAge Care and should not be considered a promise or a guarantee, nor an offer to purchase or sell securities. For detailed estimates and calculations, please see the GladAge White Paper

Presale details

The pre-sale for GladAge is designed to provide the maximum value for early investors. A well structured 25% discount and clear limits for soft cap & hard cap assures the investor about the expected profit & value of the investment

Pre-Sale date

May 1st 2018

Price per Token


Soft Cap

$2 Million

Hard Cap

$8M - Presale ($20M - Total)



End Date

May 30th 2018

Why Is GladAge Needed

GladAge seeks to solve the biggest problems of the Senior care sector that the traditional processes and systems have failed to resolve such as

Lack of Senior Homes

There is a huge gap of care homes available and the number of care homes needed. Even the ones that are available are not fit for purpose and lack the desired standards of living to provide for a homely atmosphere.

Missing Support System

There are no major support systems available that are well equipped to deal with our ageing population. A few institutions are available but they work with insufficient resources and there is no mechanism present to check their quality of service.

Unorganised Processes

Most traditional systems and processes in the care domain are unorganised and often not regulated to ensure proper care is provided. This results in poor accessibility for elderly citizens resulting in mental and physical woes.

No Scoring System

Non profiling of carers leads to a market phenomenon of ‘anything is fine’ attitude. Scoring system brings a competition between the stakeholders and in order to maintain their own prosperity and existence they need to take actions.

Lack of Incentivisation

Lack of incentivisation decelerates progress, innovation and speed of scaling. When incentivisation is offered it helps to drastically increase the network and the amount resources that can deployed so that the best results are obtained for the community.

Ageing Population

Our population is ageing very fast with present average population aged at 40 years which is set to rise to an average of 60 years by 2040. This shows that there is going to be a dire need for a support system to take care of the elderly. population and a huge economy can revolve around it.

A Better Ecosystem

The Old age care system today is flawed. It is unorganised and not funded properly. Gladage identifies the shortcomings of the current system and creates a unified solution to implement with the help of blockchain technology. It tackles all the existing and future challenges to ensure better care and quality for the elderly population while eliminating unnecessary third parties and costs


  • Tie-ups with likely minded organisations to leverage their operational experience.
  • Working in tandem with the governments to facilitate distribution and utilisation of grants and aids.


  • Engaging with corporations under CSR schemes for donations.
  • An online leasing marketplace to connect the lessor and the Foundation.


  • Service trading platform to generate economic opportunities.
  • Donation and auction e-platform for elderly care goods.


  • Rating and reviews of senior homes.
  • Profiling of carers.

Our Roadmap

Our roadmap illustrates the key priorities and targets for of our journey. It is designed to focus our efforts & streamline the way we perform, so we deliver higher levels of productivity and quality across the board, as well as well as increasing investment value

meet the TEAM

We’re proud to say we have the industry’s best leaders, strategists, advisors, and technical directors on our team – their eclectic and vast experience provides necessary leadership and confidence in our undertakings

Sunny Kapoor

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and owner of Heath Lodge Care Services Ltd. with 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the care sector. Active contributor in several care sector institutions involved in the future of UK’s care industry. Excellent at building inbound marketing and sales strategy to help companies convert leads and close customers.

Reaven D'Souza

Chief Marketing Officer

Founder and Managing Editor of The Times Kuwait, a well-respected & widely circulated weekly publication in Kuwait. With a rich experience of over 25 years in print, online media, he has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Excels at Customer Service, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, and Business Development.

Mukul Jain

Chief Strategy Officer

Mukul Jain is a BS in ME from NDSU. He holds an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate from Harvard University. An Active MIT Bitcoin Club Member and Certified Blockchain Professional at IIEC, he has been handling Business Development for 8045699188 and Rapidblocks.io.He is Ex-US Army Linguistic.

Shane Rushent

Chief Technical Officer

CEO of a Tech company with over 10 years of experience, he is known for turning new opportunities and niches into successful businesses. He has exceptional partnership and marketing skills along with a unique combination of technical and commercial knowledge to provide the best technical guidance.

Ken Huang

Security Architect

Founder and CEO of Distributed Blockchain Applications, he is a frequent speaker at international Blockchain conferences. He administers technical and strategic assistance focused on distributed businesses based on Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology. Currently, he is the Chief Technical Advisor for multiple ongoing Blockchain projects.

Daniel Biesuz

Chief Legal Officer

Daniel based out of Zug , Crypto Valley specializes on decentralizes ecosystems, ICOs, and fintech in general. He has 13 years of experience in legal work, asset management and structuring of transactions. He provides a strong legal and economic background regarding all facets of investing and structuring of companies and financial transactions.

Evan Luthra

Strategy Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur & an accredited Angel Investor, he has the rare and coveted ability to turn original, innovative and profitable ideas into businesses. A ‘Top 30 under 30’ Entrepreneur. At a young age of 22, he already has an impressive resume and an inspiring career history. Lately, he has been working with several global leaders of the crypto industry.

Karan Kohli

Blockchain Architect

Karan Kohli, a full stack engineer & innovator, is one of the few pioneers in the blockchain development space who's currently the CTO & Co-Founder at Almora. He has a remarkable experience in building projects related to crypto space. Karan is a ninja level coder, with the potential to resolve any level of issue in the tech world in his coolest attitude & intelligence.

Siddharth Armaan Sharma

Investments Advisor

Siddharth is a visionary entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. He has been interested in the technology industry since an early age and has worked as a founder and advisor to multiple companies. He is currently the CEO of OceanCapital, an innovative cryptocurrency hedge fund which uses algorithmic trading to manage invested crypto assets. Siddharth has demonstrated a strong knack for picking up great ICOs, and he has seen his investments grow over 500 times.

Anat Malkin

Growth Strategist

A graduate of the University of London, she has an outstanding record of working with foreign companies that are interested in investing in the Israeli market. With a proven record of finding the best clients, generating leads and giving the best of advise, she is an added asset to the team of GladAge.

Ashok Kumar Kalra

Hospitality Industry Expert

A graduate of IIM-Pusa, he is a distinguished business leader and a respected social figure amongst the Indian community in Kuwait. He has been at the forefront of the Indian Business & Professional Council which works to keep its members well-informed, on top of trends and in-line with industry benchmarks. He’s responsible for client-handling in Kuwait.

Vishal Bhardwaj

Australia Investor Relations

A multi-passionate entrepreneur holding 20 years of profound experience in computer hardware, logistics and automotive industry in Australia. He has an ‘always welcome’ attitude for new and innovative ideas that can help businesses grow and prosper. He has been an active volunteer of the aged care community in Australia.

Neeraj Soni

Full Stack Developer

Neeraj is a Full Stack Developer & Blockchain Enthusiast. He has been working on E-Commerce WebApps, CRM modules and various tech products for the last 3+ years. He is proficient in multiple programming languages and technologies.

Shiva Karan

Project Manager

Shiva Karan graduated in the year 2015. He pursued his passions to gain expertise in sustainable development by working with Malaysian Ministry of Finance to lead innovations in building sustainable communities, which caters to many indigenous tribes of Malaysia. GladAge taps into his experience in creating a high impact in this project.

Jitendra Thawani

Business Analyst

A well-known Blockchain expert, he brings in a whole new set of expertise to the team with some extraordinary trading skills. With strong grounds in China he will be helping us out to build the community in China and handle investor connections there. We are excited to have him as a part of our team.

Kashif Syed

Community Manager

With more than two years of experience in building & managing the Crypto and Blockchain communities, Kashif Syed has been involved in leading communities for Gazecoin, Cashaa, Livetree all of which has completed their ICO's raising Millions to bring out revolutionary services to this world.

Yash Jejani

Business Consultant

A thorough business professional and serial entrepreneur. He leads the operations at Almora.io, a crypto investment bank. Yash has served in various capacities with wide industry exposure cutting across industries ranging from Healthtech, Cleantech to Telematics and SaaS.

Varaun Satyam

Innovation Strategist

Varun is an entrepreneur and a Blockchain thought leader. He started his entrepreneurial journey through an ad-tech startup incubated in the Indian state Government's flagship startup advancement vehicle while he built and scaled the startup ecosystem in the city of Visakhapatnam as a community organizer. He is now a co-founder at Almora, a new age crypto investment bank to help make the transition from legacy to blockchain systems faster for the world. Innovation strategist in Gladage, helping in the tokensale.

Vajahaath Hussain


Vajahaath Hussain is CEO and founder of Almora. At an early age of 22 he has closed millions worth of deals bringing cutting edge products to reality in a very short span. Hussain brings together brilliant strategies and a great pace to the execution of GladAge.

Danny Wirken


He has a massive experience of over 25 years in the IT&T business, data centre construction and management. A serial entrepreneur and business manager with in-depth knowledge of IT, cloud services & cryptocurrencies, financial & strategic planning, P&L, budget development & management, merger & acquisition negotiations and business valuations.

Shmuel Kaner


Successful business owner of a UK-based property business, with over 20 years of experience within the property and estate management industry. Deep rooted knowledge of the European and American care industry. Recently partnered with a well-established firm offering storage solutions, clearance, long distance and international removals.


GladAge is being featured at multiple events across the globe. Our unique product and methodology is gathering admiration among industry leaders



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Major Media platforms are recognising GladAge’s efforts in advocating about the attention our Elders need. Our team focuses on driving awareness towards the need of better senior care


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